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hand/wrist/arm pain

On several occasions in the past, I have overworked my hands, wrists and forearms while working in the yard and garden, or twisting wrenches working on cars.  The result has been carpel tunnel problems, which has caused me considerable pain and numbness in both of my hands, wrists and forearms.  When I used to go to the MD for this condition, he prescribed massive doses of ibuprofen for the inflammation, and occasionally a narcotic to mask the pain.  He even discussed the possibility of surgery on both wrists.  I was never very happy about having to take the medications and I wanted to avoid surgery.  I had abused my arms again when I became aware of Mr. Wen’s ability to treat my problems using acupuncture.  I was more than willing to see if acupuncture would give me any relief from the pain and numbness in my hands, wrists and forearms.  All it took was one treatment and the pain and numbness disappeared, much to my relief! 
I seem to continue to occasionally overdo it and when I do, I just go to Mr. Wen and get another acupuncture treatment.  Each time, he has examined me and has determined a slightly different treatment, but in each case, one treatment and the pain and numbness were immediately alleviated.
I heartily recommend Mr. Wen for acupuncture treatment of carpel tunnel pain, and suspect that other muscle and tendon strains would also respond well to his acupuncture treatments.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -James P.

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